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We have been a registered charity since September 1990 although ourĀ origins go back to 1924. We have built an excellent reputation for providing high quality, personalised services to charities and donors to make the most of their gift.

Our aim is to help support a vibrant and sustainable third sector by providing assistance and expertise to make the most of gifts, donations and the distribution of funds. We have excellent partner relationships with other charitable organisations and business networks.

We aim to provide a tailored service for your requirements. This portfolio includes:

  • Corporate Trusteeship,
  • Charitable Trusts;
  • and Grant Distribution and Management.

Taking advantage of technology, we are a virtual organisation so our running costs are very low and efficient. As a charity we seek to deliver secure, cost effective, up to date and relevant solutions to charities and donors. We aim to cover our costs each year and to remain sustainable, rather than to accumulate reserves. Our fee structure is competitive and flexible.

If you would like any further information about our services or if you have any queries about any other support we can offer you, please get in touch on 0330 1330 780 or email Lee.barker@charityservice.org.uk

Lee Barker
Company Secretary



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