History of The Charity Service

The Charity Service is a registered charity [number 1011293] and a company registered in England [number 2538910] which is limited by guarantee.

The Charity Service under its current name has been around since 1990, but its origins go back as far as 1924 when it was the Benevolent Section of Manchester & Salford Council for Social Service.

Over the years its primary functions have evolved and we have built an excellent reputation for providing high quality personalised and bespoke services to charities and donors alike.

The Charity Service has built up a large database of charity information and our trustees and staff share considerable knowledge and experience of the charity sector and charity matters. We also have excellent partner relationships with other charitable organisations and business networks.

Now taking advantage of technology, we are a virtual organisation so our running costs are very low and efficient. As a charity we seek to deliver secure, cost effective, up to date and relevant solutions to charities and donors. We aim to cover our costs each year and to remain sustainable, rather than to accumulate reserves.

Our aim is to help support a vibrant and sustainable third sector by providing assistance and expertise to make the most of gifts and donations, government incentives and the distribution of funds, providing a tailored “One Stop Shop” for your requirements.

Our portfolio includes: Corporate Trusteeship, Charitable Trusts, Will and Inheritance Services, Grant Administration and Distribution and Corporate Social Responsibility Planning.

Our continuing aim is to help to make financial resources available to charities and encourage donors to give in the most effective ways possible. For further information please contact us!