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Our Services

At the Charity Service, we offer a wide range of services for businesses, charities, individuals and other groups. More details about these services can be found below.

Services for Business and Public Sector

We offer a Charitable Trust Management Service using our administrative systems, tax status and compliance processes.

Charitable Trust Management

We work with individuals and businesses in carrying out our charitable and educational activities both in the UK and overseas. Using our administrative systems, tax status and compliance processes for Trusts, this leaves donors free to concentrate on their charitable cause knowing assurance matters and administration are taken care of.

We also have services that can enable grant making through Trusts and our Grant Approval Panel(s) can help manage the administration, compliance and distribution of funds. We have excellent contacts into the community and voluntary sector and are able to advertise widely should you require applications to be sought from appropriate groups and organisations to support your Trust objective.

We also administer smaller Trusts, often at the invitation of professional firms and wealth managers, where we provide a bespoke, expert, economical and assured service.

As custodians of our own investments and those of other charities of which we are Trustee, we are experienced in developing and implementing investment policies and in finding the right home for charities’ money. Our experienced Trust Management Committee oversees substantial sums and arranges for its effective management and ongoing monitoring. This is a role we are happy to take on for other charities without the necessary skills or resources, or for those who simply want to benefit from the cost advantages of working alongside us.

Please contact Lee Barker on 0330 1330 780.

Services for Individual Donors

You can set up a personal charitable trust which we will administer on your behalf.

Personalised Charitable Trusts

Personalised charitable trusts are trusts where a donor has set up their own grant-making charitable trust. The trust deed can be so worded that grants can be made for the full range of charitable purposes.

This would enable the trust to make grants to recognised charities and to non-charitable bodies where the fund will be used for a charitable purpose.

We will take your instructions on distributing grants from your trust or if you prefer we can distribute grants through our experienced governance panel.

For more help and advice about this service please contact us on 0330 1330 780 or email